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Urskilja Världens Vindar





International: our Lord Jesus Christ will gather his people from all nations, tribes, ethnic backgrounds and languages (Rev 7:9).

Confusion between different languages started when mankind tried to take a shortcut into the spirit realm in our own power, just to take the honor to ourselves. This action filled with pride resulted in confusion of languages so that man could not understand one another (Gen11:4,7). At the Pentecost, as a result of the offering of Jesus Christ at the Calvary cross, the release of the heavenly resurrection power redeemed the confusion of the tower of Babel and the first fruit congregation spoke with different languages so that all could understand them and the massage of Gospel(Acts 2:5-11). The first fruit congregation was international. After about 2000 years it should be natural for a true believer of Jesus Christ that we are all one in Christ despite where we come from!



Bible, the Holy Scriptures builds one whole massage and has unity between that we have learned to know as Old and New Testament. We have different covenants and the fulfillment of these covenants in Jesus Christ sums up the total of the revealed Word as PS 119:160, (Matt 5:17; John 16:13) states. “The entirety of Your word is truth”; we are not to take away or to add anything from the Bible.

Bible has four main epochs; Creation – Fall of the man – Redemption – Recreation or Restoration of the mankind. Finally it all has its culmination in the arrival of the New Earth and New Jerusalem.



Church is a unit of believers cooperating in agreement with God and one another. Church, believers express the primary means of grace among st themselves by Teaching of the Word, Baptism, The Lord's Supper, Prayer for one another, Worship, Church discipline, Giving, Spiritual gifts, Fellowship, Evangelism and by Personal ministry to individuals.



Our goal is to restore discipleship in the body of Christ. Each and every one of us has a mission to curry out. Let us accept the call of the Lord Jesus Christ, allow Him to train us and send us to partake in His redemption plan for the mankind.